mission statement

R.G Egan will manufacture the highest quality cleaning system that meets and exceeds our customer’s expectation for reliability, durability and performance. 
Our products will outperform and deliver exceptional results beyond other cleaning options available on the market today”.


R.G.Egan Equipment is a privately held, family owned business incorporated in 1992 that specializes in state the art machine designs that help our customers produce better products, with less down time and improved operator safety and are used in most printing, packaging and industrial coating applications.

With decades of manufacturing experience, our company is able to help guide you to a system that is suited to your specific cleaning application and will allow you to take full advantage of your manufacturing process by reducing downtime for the task of cleaning rollers or other foreign debris in your process.

At R.G. Egan Equipment we have system designs that have been industry tested for over 20 years. And, our systems can be custom modified with compatible components for installation in limited space applications, meet your chemical solvent compatibility requirements and use the latest in control technology from most major control systems manufacturers. R.G. Egan Equipment, Inc is able to provide control systems using Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron, B&R and more based on your requirements.

ASK HOW we can help you “clean up your bottom line”.