Manufacturer of Web and
Process Roll Cleaning Equipment

Manufacturers without our automated cleaners wait for contamination to build-up on the roller surface and begin degrading their product until someone determines a quality issue requires the line to stop for manual cleaning.

 Why stop, when our systems are able to automatically clean your rollers on demand in whatever time interval you choose? And, by keeping contamination from building to a severe level it removes debris quicker, frequently only requiring a pass or two to maintain your quality.

Ask how we can help you "clean up your bottom line".

The RG Egan system cleans like no other! With our system installed you customize the commands to your specific needs. Every new project on your press offers cleaning challenges. The RG Egan system is easily programmable at the start of your run to affect problem areas while cleaning the entire roll. Clean the entire roll, clean a portion, or focus on one area. The system is easily programmable to meet your needs specific to each job.

Flexible Cleaning Options

RG Egan cleaning equipment has been installed to solve problems for Chill Rollers, Heated Rollers, Coating, Backing, Laminating and Nip Rollers. We have a design solution that will save you downtime and keep your operators a safe distance from dangerous areas.

In essence, our automated roll cleaning systems are able to wipe rollers when your line is running, keeping you from shutting down and helping you maintain your product quality.