critical machine Rollers

With customer process problems requiring us to clean Chill Rollers, Heated Rollers, Coating, Backing, Laminating and Nip Rollers, we have a design that will save you downtime and keep operators at a safe distance from dangerous areas.

In essence, our automated roll cleaning systems are able to wipe rollers when your line is running, keeping you from shutting down and helping you maintain your product quality.

Manufacturers without our automated cleaners wait for contamination to build-up on the roller surface and begin degrading their product until someone determines a quality issue requires the line to stop for manual cleaning.

Why stop, when our systems are able to automatically clean your rollers every few minutes or whatever time interval you prefer? And, by keeping contamination from building to a severe level it removes debris quicker, frequently only requiring a pass or two to maintain your quality.

Flexographic Printing Cleaners

R.G. Egan Equipment offers two state-of-the-art cleaning systems for 
flexographic printers:

CI Drum Cleaning – With the only traversing CI Drum Cleaner on the market that offers two cleaning pads for removing ink from the surface of the drum. The R.G. Egan system allows the operator to select our standard pad that gently wipes the drum surface, removing slip and ink build-up, or the second option, to select a soft bristle brush to push the cleaning fabric against the drum surface allowing a more aggressive wipe that helps remove some of the toughest inks dried on the surface of the drum. No one else offers this patented feature.

With the R.G. Egan design operators have simple options to control our cleaner and determine which set-up is the best choice for your press whether you are printing or down for the next set-up.

Flexographic Plate Cleaning – In November 2013 R.G. Egan Equipment, Inc. received a patent for wiping flexographic printing plates while the press is running, without diminishing print quality.  This design is truly state-of-the-art and moves the industry a step closer to full automation for press cleaning and eliminating the need to stop to manually clean the press. 

Our soft contact pad and fabric is able to collect debris stuck on the plate surface and transfer it to the surface of our fabric without damaging the plate, then advancing the cloth to a fresh area for the next wipe.  And, by locating the cleaner before ink is reapplied to the plate we are able to keep from diminishing the print quality. In some applications the print quality improves due to the removal of dried ink sticking to the plate surface.

Web cleaning rollers & systems

We are the leading manufacturer of high quality web cleaning rollers, providing web cleaning efficiency’s near 100%, and collect particles down to 10 microns in particle size, as stated by an independent testing laboratory.

Our company is the only contact web cleaning roller manufacturer who offer multiple tack level rollers that will meet your specific requirement without damaging your product.
And, our customers know they can re-order years after purchasing one of our rollers and receive the same tack level as the original purchase.

As a leading manufacturer of Web Cleaning Rollers and Fully Automatic Roll Cleaning systems it is evident that our combined roller system that cleans the web, and when required, moves the roller to an off-line position for wiping, is a simple and reliable design.  Once the dirty roller moves to the offline position we simply index a clean roller in its place.  This combination provides a High Volume Fully Automated Web Cleaner system that reliably keeps your product clean and your production line running without interruption.

custom applications

At R.G. Egan Equipment we have a diverse customer base that includes Health Care Packaging, Adhesive Tape and Solar Powered Battery manufacturing and more.  
And, each of these industries requires a unique solution to resolve their process roll and web cleaning issues. 

Engineers at R.G.Egan Equipment take pride in joining our customers as a team. 
​And using our technology and experience we offer permanent solutions to our customer’s process cleaning problems.

With our custom designs our cleaners have also been used to remove contamination from products in vacuum chambers, wiping contamination from steel sleeves prior to coating, removed debris from copper that is used in the electronics industry and removed debris from laminating film that is used to manufacture architectural building products. These are just a few of our successful challenges. 
Let us explain more about our Automated Roll Cleaner Systems.

R.G. Egan cleaning systems operate without stopping the press.

With over 50 years of industrial experience, we have solved some of the toughest contamination issues in the industry

We provide individual contact cleaning rollers or complete automated systems.