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machine Roll Cleaning Equipment

Incorporated in 1992, R.G. Egan Equipment is a leading manufacturer of High Efficiency Contact Web Cleaning Systems and Automated Process Roll Wiping Systems used on production machinery throughout the converting industry. Our designs incorporate the latest in control technology with the precision and reliability of CNC manufacturing, then assembled and tested by skilled U.S. craftsmen before it is shipped to a customer facility.

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Film and Paper Coating
​Flexographic Printing

At R.G. Egan Equipment we offer patented cleaning systems that are used by leading manufacturers to remove foreign particles and contamination from high performance films, coated papers and printed stock. Our systems provide an ROI in just a matter of months, not years, with turn key designs and operator training to start saving money quickly.

we have cost saving designs used in these operations:


Gravure Printing
Sheet & Web Extrusions
​Blanket Cleaning