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R.G. Egan Equipment - Your Web and Roll Cleaning Specialists
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CI Press Drum Cleaner
Coating Backing Roll Cleaner
Cast Film & Laminating Roll Cleaners
Flexographic Plate Cleaner
Printing Blanket Cleaner
High Efficiency & Manual Web Cleaners
Custom Cleaning Solutions

Custom Manufacturer of Industrial Web and Roll Cleaning Equipment

Our Products Include:

Automatic Web Cleaners
Multi Roll Web Cleaners
Sheet Cleaners
Manual Turrets
Pad Cleaners
Automatic Wipe
Roll Cleaners

Our Capabilities

Designing Automatic Web Cleaners for hazardous locations
Custom Mounting to meet specific installation requirements
Full Roll Wiping
Edge Clean Functions
Spot Locations

Applications Include:

Automatic Removal of Micron-Size Particles from Machine Rollers

As well as our domestic markets, we export to Latin America, The Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada and Mexico.